Privat politik

What we like to know about you (Collection and Usage) We collect information about your computer or device, e.g. your IP address. We might ask for your birthday, gender, country and parent’s email, so we can give you a great experience. If you are 12 years or younger, we will ask your parent or guardian for permission.

Your information is safe with us (Storage) We are very protective of the information you give to us and we use secure systems to store your data safely. We keep the data for as long as needed or required by law.

Sharing information with others (Transfer) We do not share your information with others for their use; unless you allow us to. We do share it with partners who help us deliver our web sites.

The information about you (Contact) You can at any time contact Forlaget Trunte Lunte if you want to know what information we have on you, or if you want us to delete it.

Personal data collected online from children under the age of 13 When a child under the age of 13 (or such higher age as may be determined by local law; in the following, the age 13 is used as the common denominator for easy reference) contacts the Forlaget Trunte Lunte, for example to ask a question, we will collect that child's email address and the e-mail address of the child's parent or guardian. We will use the child's e-mail address only for the purpose for which it was collected, and we will use the e-mail address of the parents or guardians only to provide notification about the child's contact with us, and to provide notification of the types and uses of personal data collected, if and as required by law. As a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 from whom we have collected personal data, you have the right to review and have deleted such personal data, and to refuse to permit further collection or use of such personal data. Parents and guardians who wish to review personal data concerning their children will be required to specify the usernames and passwords of the children concerned, and to provide their own e-mail address for verification and contact purposes.

We will not ask the child for any personal data beyond e-mail addresses without obtaining prior parental consent.